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Ninja Moves has been specifically designed to help children channel their boundless energy. LAGAD’s Ninja Moves classes have been specifically developed by qualified teachers to provide a progressive curriculum within a fun and dynamic setting. Ninja Moves combines elements from martial arts, capoeira, parkour and gymnastics within a non-combat setting. Every class includes warm-up games, conditioning and an opportunity to develop and refine skills.


As children’s abilities grow, each child will advance through the different Ninja Moves levels. The sessions are so much fun, children won’t even realise that they’re picking up essential life skills such as respecting each other, taking responsibility for their actions and the importance of a work ethic. We know from experience that as skills improve, confidence grows.   


We run a drop off and pick up policy for our classes but if you have booked a one off trial - one adult may accompany a child for their trial.

Ninja Moves does not require equipment. We can work in any school hall or community hall setting. We just need lots of energy and a can do attitude.

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Ninja Moves Year 1 + 2.

Working with our specially designed curriculum, Ninja Movers will work on basic skills of balance, speed, endurance and strength. They then move to combinations of rolls, jumps and kicks. These fun and structured classes offer the Ninja Movers clear aims and boundaries as they work towards learning new skills whilst building their confidence within a fun, safe and supported class environment.

Ninja Moves Year 3 + 4.

This class is perfect for children that have mastered the basics of Ninja Moves already. Ninja Moves Year 3 + 4 is made up of a combination of gymnastics, martial arts, street dance and parkour. The aim is to move onto higher skilled techniques working towards progressive levels of our Ninja Moves award scheme, with a focus on co-ordination, speed and strength in this structured progressive class.

Ninja Moves Year 5 +

Ninja Movers at this level will be working on more advanced skills. The range of skills required takes a big leap as Ninja’s start working towards their jumps, flips and turns. Fun, safety and progressive development remains the aim. Children start working more independently (in a supported setting) as focus on their skills.

Levels of Ninja Moves are defined by the wristband colours of White, Yellow, Light Green, Dark Green, Orange, Sky Blue, Navy Blue, Purple, Red & Black.