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Dance Teachers

Rocio  (Rhythmic Gymnastics)

Rocio is from Spain. She trained as a Rhythmic Gymnast at competetive level in Spain. Rocio is a senior coach, International Judge and has worked with LAGAD for over 4 years. 

Dance Teachers - Dance TeachersKaty 

Katy comes from Scotland. She trained in Dance in Edinburgh including a variety of dance genres such as Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Flamenco, Indian , Mexican and Modern Jazz. Syllabus classes were also of high importance with professional teaching exams from the RAD and ISTD.

Katy has performed at the Edinburgh Festival and at Disneyland Paris. She has also worked as a model.


Luke is from London. He is a sucessful Street Dancer and has worked with groups such as JLS. Luke works profesionally throughout the UK and works with LAGAD as a Street Dance Teacher.

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