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New, live and interactive... introducing LAGAD@Home, our online gymnastics classes! Now you can join your favourite coaches and classmates for a full class on Zoom. And you don't even need to leave the house.

Our professional LAGAD coaches are there to ensure your safety when practising your moves at home and of course to make sure you have fun. We've had fabulous feedback from our first online students:

 "The class was 5*! Ashanty reallyyyy enjoyed it. The class host was Jessica and she was amazing. There was no glitches at all on our end, everything was clear (image and sound). I will definitely recommend LAGAD to my friends and family. Ashanty is really looking forward to her next session. We hoping that soon we can have outdoor gymnastics and have lots of fun." - Sheila

To sign up for your course, just visit our Find A Class page and select LAGAD@Home. We look forward to Zooming with you soon.

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