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LAGADOPOLY is our all-action board game for young gymnasts! There's no sitting still here, instead you will jump, hop and roll your way around the board, collecting colours and medals. The first one to collect the full set is the WINNER!

How to get your free game:

Download the game HERE.

Then print the pdf file in colour on A4 paper. If you don't have a colour printer at home, many supermarkets, newsagents or stationery stores offer printing services.

Find yourself a dice and a playing piece for each person. For playing pieces you could use a Lego brick, a paper clip, small toy or coin, whatever is handy around the house. (Keep your dice and playing pieces safely out of reach of the under 3s).

How to play:

The simple game rules are described in the centre of your game board. You can fill out your scores on the scoreboard in pencil, ready to rub out and play again (or simply print out a new game with scoreboard next time).

Share or send us your photos of your LAGADOPOLY games, using the hashtag #lagadopoly !

To learn some new gymnastics moves, find a class here

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