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Dancing into her eighties

An interview with LAGAD's most senior dance student, the ever graceful Jeanne, who is dancing ballet into her eighties.

  • When did you first start dancing?

    • I started gymnastics and dancing at about 6 years old

  • What do you enjoy about dancing?

    • I love the movement. I like to watch it too. I would have liked to have been a professional ballerina.

  • How often do you practise?

    • I attend exercise and dance classes on average 5 times a week - these include ballet, tap and Pilates

  • Have you danced throughout your life?

    • Yes I have. I trained as a teacher with the Keep Fit Association and have taught movement classes for over 35 years alongside continuing to attend classes as a participant.

  • What do you think is important about dance and movement?

    • It's good for your physical health – strong bones, muscle tone. Helps keep good posture. It's good for your mind - keeping it healthy and active.

  • What is it that you love about ballet?

    • I love fitting the dance to the music - feeling it and putting emotion into the moves

  • What benefits does ballet offer in later life?

    • Helps maintain good posture. Our class has lots of lovely people that l like to chat to.

  • What would you say to someone that has always wanted to try ballet?

    • 'Give It a try'

  • Is it ever too late to start ballet?

    • No.

  • You do the online ballet class together with your daughter. What do you enjoy about this?

    • I like the idea of still being able to move and do ballet. It is nice that she likes it too. She has also danced since the age of 3 and does a lot of choreography for local drama groups. We have a lot of dancers in the family. My younger sister still dances at 72 years old. Both her daughters dance too – one is a Dr and one owns a children’s dance school in Bristol and also trains teachers; I have a grandson who is an acrobat (who also sometimes attends LAGAD ballet) and another grandson studying his Grade 3 ballet. 3 other grandchildren and a great-niece also attended dance classes as children too

  • What would you miss most about dancing if you stopped?

    • I would be very sad. It is part of me. I love the feeling that it gives me both physically and emotionally

  • Have you any advice for children and young people learning ballet?

    • Don’t give up. Just enjoy. Practice when you can and take pride in all your achievements.

  • What is it that you like about LAGAD’s classes and tuition?

    • Franziska is a lovely Adult ballet teacher. She is kind and pushes us to improve. It is very special to have a long class (COVID aside) where we have the time to work on the dance moves as we would have done when we were younger. Franziska likes to introduce us to some traditional ballet choreography too which is always fun.

Thank you Jeanne for your insights and for being an inspiration! 

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