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Senior Gymnastic Coaches

Senior Gymnastics Coaches - Senior Gymnastics Coaches

Anna (General Gymnastics Head Coach)

Anna comes from Poland, where she trained in Sports Acrobatics. Anna was bronze medal winner at World Championships and European Championships. Anna holds many Polish titles in acrobatics. As an acrobatic performer in Poland, she was the first ever acrobat in her women's group to perform a triple back somersault. Anna has been coaching acrobatics and gymnastics in the UK for seven years.

Rocio (Rhythmic Gymnastics Head Coach)

Rocio comes from Spain. She is a former National Competetive Rhythmic Gymnast. She is both a senior Rhythmic Coach and a qualified Judge. Rocio has over 10 years of coaching experience at National and Elite Competetive levels. 


Anesta is a trained Acrobatic Coach and performer. Anesta spent 5 years performing with Zippo's Circus .


Is from England. She trained at Arts Educational and at the Royal Ballet School . After retirement as a professional dancer, Jessica founded Dance UK's Healthier Dance Programme. She has twice been the professional judge for the Society of London Theatres, Lawrence Olivier Awards . Jessica set up LAGAD in 2009. 


Iskandar is origionally from England. He lived in and represented Australia as a Junior Gymnast at International Gymnastic Competitions. Iskandar is also a theatre writer/director and runs his own theatre company.

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